Supplements are extra resources to use alongside your course. They correspond with assignments and include PowerPoints and worksheets, and are both downloadable and fully customizable. We hope they are helpful as you teach your course!

Powerpoints include instruction from Knewton’s alta, as well as a mix of unique assessment questions and assessment questions from alta. 

Worksheets consist of questions that are similar to what students will see in alta, but the problems are unique. This means that they may be used in the classroom to provide additional whole class, small group, or individual practice to reinforce student understanding. They can also be sent as supplementary work to students who are learning entirely online. These assessments will include an answer key and application-based problems where possible. 

Labs are available for Quantitative Reasoning courses.

To obtain supplemental material for your course, please contact your Knewton alta representative! They will be able to send you a file or folder containing your requested materials. All requested materials will be sent using Google Drive, so you will be opening a Google Document or Slides deck, or downloading a Word document. If you’d like to customize or edit the materials in any way, you can make a copy of the supplement and save it to your personal Google Drive or computer or download your own version. To do this, click File and then either Make a Copy… or Download as… and choose the format you’d like your supplement to be in.

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