The following explains how to create a test in your master Course Outline which will also be added to all Sections. At the end, you will also find how to create a test in only one section.

1. Navigate to your course, click the Coursework tab, and click Manage.

2. Click Add.

3. Choose Test

4. Type in a name for your test.

5. Fill in your start and end dates.

6. Next, decide which topics and learning objectives you’d like to cover on your test. You’ll see a list of chapters in your course - click the arrows to the right of each chapter title to expand a list of learning objectives. Toggle on or off the learning objectives you’d like to have on your test!

7. Next, navigate to the Questions tab to choose the questions that will appear on your test. Your questions are organized by topics, and for each topic you can scroll through potential questions and click Add Question to add more than one question per topic. 

On the Questions tab, you also have the option of adding Custom Questions! Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Custom Questions section and click the plus sign next to Add Multiple Choice Questions. In the box that pops up, you can compose your question, choose your multiple choice responses, and set your correct answer(s). We do have an option to add Custom Free Response questions - if you're interested in this, please contact your Knewton representative! For an extensive guide on how to use this feature, please visit this document!

8. Finally, go to the Settings tab to set constraints and additional parameters to your test like a Review Center, shuffling question order, and a timer. You can also add password protection and a computer function lock to your test.

9. When you’re satisfied with the content and settings of your test, click either Done to finish, or Preview to see a preview of the test from your students’ eyes.

To add a test to only one Section rather than to the master Course Outline:

1. Go into the Section you want to add to, then choose Manage.
2.  Repeat the same test creation process as above.

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