The following instructs how to create a quiz for all sections in your alta course.


  1. Navigate to your course, but do not enter a section. Click on the Coursework tab and select Manage.

2. Click Add.

3. Click Select under Quiz.

4. Choose which topic you’d like your Quiz to cover. Note that quizzes can only cover one topic!

5. Rename your quiz, if you’d like. Choose the date your quiz will be available as well as the due date. Toggle on or off the learning objectives you’d like to cover on your quiz. Finally, choose how many questions per learning objective you’d like to have on your quiz. This will affect the length of your quiz, so note the total number of questions directly below this option!

6. Click Add to finish!

To edit your quiz:

To edit your Quiz, you can go to your Coursework tab, click Manage, click the three dots next to your quiz, and click Edit. Make your necessary changes, and click Edit to finish.

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