The Coursework tab provides a macro overview of student analytics as they complete your course in alta. You can see their average assignment mastery along with average quiz and test scores. From this dashboard, you can choose individual assignments, quizzes, or tests and toggle between the overall status and learning objective status of your class.

Click "Quiz Score" to see a list of your course's quizzes. To see your students' results, click on the appropriate quiz.

Click "Test Score" to see a list of your course's tests. To see your students' test results, click on the appropriate test.

Click on any of the assignments on the page to see the overall status of your students. You'll see the average mastery, average questions completed in the assignment, and the average amount of time your students worked: 

Here, and from any other tab, you can click the check box next to any student and then send a message to them. Simply click the envelope icon on the right to do this! From any assignment, you can also see your students' progress on an individual learning objective. Just click the "Individual Learning Objective Status" tab:

From this tab, you can also click a specific section of the progress bar to see those students who fall under that category. Your choices are "Complete," "In Progress," and "Not Started":

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