Students are able to see results for their quizzes and tests after they’ve finished and the due date has passed. If any students enrolled in the section have been given an extension on the test, results will only become available once that date has passed. 

Your grade is immediately visible after completing a test attempt. You can see it by clicking View Results and in the header of the page, under Score. If your test has more than one attempt, the overall score will be listed in the header. 

What students can see upon completing a test attempt depends on the test’s settings. Instructors can choose to release varying amounts of information through the following three settings:

  1. Test Grade shows a student only their grade. 
  2. Test Grade + Graded Questions shows a student their grade and which questions they got correct or incorrect.
  3. Test Grade + Graded Question + Answers shows a student their grade, which questions they got correct or incorrect, and the correct answer.

For options 2 and 3, the student will see a View Results button that gives access to the detailed information.

Once the student has completed (or forfeited) all attempts and the due date has passed, they can see their grade, graded questions and correct answer. 

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