Common revisions to a Course include changing the Course Name, Start and End date, and other characteristics. To make changes to a Course, click Settings at the top of your parent course.

If you want to…

Change the Course Name:

Type the title in the appropriate text box

Adjust the Start/End Date:

Click on the date you wish to change and enter the new date(s).

Choose a Course ISBN:

Select a different entry from the dropdown. Please note that the Course ISBN cannot be changed if course materials have already been created.  You can delete the coursework to change the ISBN.

Rearrange the Order of your Coursework:

Click Manage to edit your course outline. Click Edit Order to drag and drop your coursework materials to the correct spot. Or, you can choose Order by Start Date or Order by End Date from the dropdown menu on the top right corner. Click Save Changes to finalize these choices!

Delete Course Material

Click the three dots next to the coursework item you'd like to delete and select Delete. Please note that you and your students will not be able to access this assignment or related data again. Click Delete Assignment to finalize.

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