If your Course does not use a learning management system (Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, etc.), see Knerd Tips for Students.

Personalized learning is awesome. For one thing, there’s no bad answer. If you get something wrong, that just means you haven’t mastered that concept, and wrong answers help Knewton understand what you need to learn to excel.

Here are some tips for making your experience with Knewton as smooth as possible:

Accessing Knewton

Always log in with your learning management system (LMS)

Since your course uses an LMS, it’s very important you access Knewton Assignment links from the LMS and not directly through knewton.com. When you finish an Assignment, go back to your LMS to access a new Assignment.

Managing Your Account

  • Click the silhouette icon on the top right to access your account and billing information, with the ability to update.
  • Use the Chat button at the bottom of any page on Knewton to reach our 24/7 Client Services team — ask questions, get support and report technical issues.
  • Report feedback by clicking the button below your question, and then clicking the appropriate option from the list. Your feedback will get sent immediately to us for review! 
  • Take care — if you delete your account you can’t use the same email address to sign up again, and you’ll lose all the work you’ve done so far.

Completing Assignments

Don’t guess.

Do your best to answer questions correctly, in the format that’s required. Guessing to move past a question can actually make your Assignment take longer!

Instead, click More Instruction. This won’t hurt your progress — you’ll get extra help with instructions and review questions to help you move forward.

Read Assignment instructions and watch the videos as they appear. Skipping instructional materials won’t change your grade, but you can miss important information. Don't worry - alta always autosaves your work, so feel free to take a break during an assignment if you need to!

Getting More Help

Check out these FAQs:

Getting Started with Knewton for Students Using an LMS

How do I change my password?

Have more specific questions? Email us Knerds at support@knewton.com. 

Good luck from Knewton!


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