If your Course does not use a learning management system (Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, etc.), see Getting Started with Knewton for Students.

Welcome from the Knerds at Knewton!

We know your path to college success is unique. Boxing you in with everyone else just won’t work.

That’s why Knewton Alta takes a personalized approach to learning. It pinpoints exactly what you need to learn now, and exactly what you need to learn next. Knewton Alta supports and guides you, just like a 1:1 tutor.

You can watch our "Getting Started" video below.

To get started, log into your learning management system (LMS), then:

1 - Click on any Assignment link. The LMS will redirect you to knewton.com, where your account is automatically created.

2 - Click Purchase to either purchase a plan directly or enter the access code you purchased at your campus bookstore.

3 - To purchase course access select Monthly Plan, Single-Term Access or altaPass and pay by credit card. If you purchased your access code at your campus bookstore, click Enter Code under Redeem Access code. 

4 - On the Assignment cover page, you can review learning objectives, learning activity, average number of questions, and due dates/times. Click Start to begin working on an Assignment.

Check out Knerd Tips for Students to get more out of Knewton Alta.

Have more specific questions?

Contact us by using our Chat feature in the corner of your Knewton Alta screen or email us at support@knewton.com.

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