Yes! You can start your assignments right away through our 14-day Courtesy Access period. Once your courtesy access expires, you’ll need to purchase an access code from your bookstore or purchase a plan through to complete your coursework. Please note: After your 14-day Courtesy Access expires, you will not have the option of choosing a monthly payment plan.

To use 14-day Courtesy Access to start your assignments:

1. Join your course through your Knerd link.  If you’re using a Learning Management System, or LMS, (Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, D2L) follow your instructor’s invite to join your course.

2. Sign up using your school Google email or complete the form to create your alta account.

3. At the top of your course schedule, you’ll see something similar to the following banner:

4. Click Purchase (You will not be charged yet!)

5. Click Get Courtesy Access Under the Access Code option.

6. Read the following page, mark that you have read and understand that the monthly option will no longer be available for you, and click Start Now.

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