If you are in instructor:

All alta content is organized as a Topic - assignments, quizzes, and tests are created from Topics.  To view the instructional and assessment content that is related to a Topic, go to the Catalog in the top right corner of your instructor environment and find your course.  When you click on it you'll see the full table of contents and can click on the chapter and then topic name. A window will open that describes Learning Objectives in the topic: click on the LO to preview the content.  Use the available filters to only assessment or instructional content.

If you are a student:

Students can see instructional content associated with the learning objectives of an assignment in its Cover page. This page describes the learning objectives included in the Assignment. The student can click Related Instruction next to the name of the learning objective to view available text and/or videos materials.  Students can click these links before beginning an Assignment, or any time for extra review.

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