The Knewton LockDown Browser powered by Respondus is a standalone application for PCs and Macs and has to be installed on computers where secured assessments (quizzes or tests) are taken. Students and Lab Admins can download the LockDown Browser from this page and use the installation instructions provided to install the browser on their computers.

Note: The Knewton LockDown Browser powered by Respondus is not supported by Chrome iOS. Students using Chromebooks will not be able to access a test that requires Respondus LockDown Browser.

To install on a PC:

Download the appropriate version and save the executable file to your local disk.
Double-click to run the executable setup and installation program.

Admins should download and use the following version of the LockDown Browser if the test is being administered in a lab environment.

Students should download and use the following version of the LockDown Browser if the test is being taken remotely on a personal PC.

To install on a Mac:

Download and save the install package folder to your desktop.
Double-click to run the installation program.

Note that the same version of the LockDown Browser can be used in a lab environment as well as remotely.

Before beginning a Knewton test that requires the use of the LockDown Browser, we recommend following the checklist below:

  • Make sure that you have JavaScript and cookies enabled.
  • Make sure that your pop-up blocker is turned off.
  • You may need to temporarily turn off any spyware/virus detection software that may be running in the background of your computer when using LockDown Browser.
  • Firewalls can also interfere with LockDown Browser. You will need to make sure the LockDown.exe application is allowed full access to the Internet, which means you may need to enter this into your firewall as an "Exception".

Once you finish installing the LockDown Browser, you can launch a secured quiz or test. First, go to your course* in a regular browser and click into the quiz or test. Click Launch in Secure Browser and Knewton will automatically launch the quiz or test in the installed LockDown Browser.  Note that once this browser is launched, you will not have access to using most applications on your computer for the duration of the quiz or test.

* Note: If your Knewton course is integrated with a LMS (such as Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, or D2L), you should go to the LMS course through the regular browser first and launch the quiz or test from here. In the newly opened Knewton area, click the Launch in Secure Browser button to open up LockDown Browser. You should not open up LockDown Browser, outside of the LMS course, beforehand. 

Need Help?

If you encounter any problems downloading or installing the LockDown Browser, contact Customer Support at or click the Chat icon in the lower right corner!

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