The length of adaptive assignments varies.  It is determined largely by:

  • The number of learning objectives covered by the assignment
  • How well a student is performing against the assignment's learning objectives
  • Whether a student receives remediation for pre-requisite learning objectives

To ensure fair content distribution for every learning objective, alta calibrates the difficulty level of each assignment. Because alta is personalized to meet learners where they are, some students may receive instruction to support them in mastering prerequisite learning objectives on their way to mastering the target learning objectives. Students are encouraged to contact instructors if they find themselves struggling to complete assignments.

Before starting an assignment, students are given an estimated range as to how many questions to expect. Once students start an assignment, alta’s progress bar allows them to view their current level of mastery as well as the other factors that can contribute to assignment length. This provides students with an accurate measurement of where they are in their learning journey, and how much progress they need to make to achieve mastery and complete the assignment.

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