We hate to see you go…

If you are currently having trouble accessing your course via the LMS or alta, please contact support@knewton.com or email your instructor before deleting your account.

To delete your account, click the silhouette icon at the top right corner of your screen. Then click Account. Scroll to the bottom of the account page and follow the instructions.

You may also email support@knewton.com.

When you delete your account, Knewton will delete or de-identify your personally identifiable information (PII). If your school hired us to manage your course, in some cases we will need to seek the approval of your school prior to deleting or de-identifying certain information such as gradebook data.

It’s important for you to know that deleting your account will limit your ability to use alta, reference or share your learning history, or to make future purchases on Knewton.com. You won’t be able to register again using the same email address in the future. For security and privacy reasons, if you try to login with your username and password after deleting your account, you will see the same error message as you would have seen if you used the wrong password for a current account. 

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