Alta is Knewton’s newest product for higher education. Alta is a complete courseware solution that combines Knewton’s expertly designed adaptive learning technology with high quality openly available content to deliver a personalized learning experience that is affordable, accessible and improves student outcomes.

All of the instructional content needed for a course — including text and video, examples and assessments — is included in each alta product. Alta is now available in multiple courses in math, statistics, economics and chemistry.

How can I use alta in my class?

Instructors use alta in a variety of formats: face-to-face, hybrid, online-synchronous or self-paced, and in support of multiple blended learning models, including:

  • Traditional learning models — where “homework” is used to assess and evaluate learning after the material is covered in class)
  • Flipped models — where homework is primarily used to introduce topics and/or evaluate students’ prior knowledge)
  • “Tipped” models — where adaptive assignments can be used to introduce and assess prior knowledge on a topic and quizzes or tests are used to assess learning after class coverage of the topics). 

If you'd like to learn how alta can benefit teaching and learning in your specific course, let's talk! Our team is available to answer questions, and make recommendations on the best way to use Knewton your unique teaching needs. Reach out via email to get the conversation started.

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