We take your trust in the personalized learning experience delivered by Knewton seriously. 

Protecting the privacy of every user is just as important to us as improving learning outcomes. Whether you use our product directly through the alta available through Knewton.com or you access Knewton powered products through one of our partnered publishers:

  • We respect and adhere to the privacy policies of the learning institutions that trust us, and the publishers who partner with us, by honoring requests to access, correct, and delete personally identifiable information (PII) where appropriate.  
  • We limit the personal data we collect to reduce risk for everyone. 
  • We secure your data by encrypting the PII you provide.
  • We monitor our ecosystem for internal infrastructure compliance and keep a watchful eye for any external threats.
  • We stand by what we say and are a charter member of the SIIA Student Privacy Pledge

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