This guide will show you how to review student performance results in quizzes and tests. Also you will be able to see how many students utilized the Review Center feature to prepare for assessments.

1. Navigate to your course and click into your section.

2. Under the Coursework tab, click either the Quiz Grade or Test Grade card.

3. You will see a list of all your quizzes or tests. At a glance, you can see the assessment name, due date, and average grade if the assessment has started. In addition, you can see how many students have started a Review Center (Reviewing column) related to the quiz or test. Note: the Review Center needs to be enabled in the assessment settings at the course outline level.

4. Click the quiz or test name to view more detailed results.

5. Under the Students tab on the next screen, you will get an overview of the quiz or test, as well as a breakdown of student performance.

1. On the top, you will see the assessment name, available date and time, due date and time, and number of questions and objectives included in the assessment.

2. Review Center Activity shows how many students used the Review Center to study for the assessment.

3. Class Readiness will come later. Stay tuned!

4. The Grades area provides a breakdown of how many students scored within a designated percentage range on the assessment. If you click one of the percentage bars this will filter the student roster below to just show those student results. E.g. clicking 90-100% will just show students who scored in this range.

5. At the bottom, you will find your student roster. You will see the following information here:

a. student name

b. if students were provided extensions

c. adaptive assignment mastery for assignments due to date

d. Review Center usage, specifically how many review questions they answered and time spent reviewing

e. number of attempts taken and allocated for this assessment

f. quiz or test grades

6. If you click a student’s name, you will be able to see individual student performance on this assessment including which questions they got correct or incorrect per attempt.

7. Back on the quiz/test overview screen, click the Content tab on top to see how students overall fared on each question included on the quiz or test. Here you can see the number of students that got the question correct, incorrect, or gave no response. This way you can see where your students may need additional academic assistance. You can view these results by first and best attempt.

8. Click the question to see the full question and class results. Click the arrows to the left and right to view the next question.

Watch this video for an overview of viewing analytics for quizzes and tests in Knewton Alta:

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