Students can see instructional content associated with the learning objectives of an assignment on its cover page. Click into the assignment and scroll down to the Objectives area to view the list of learning objectives included in the assignment. The student can click the document icon next to the name of the learning objective to view available related instruction such as text reading passages or videos. Students can view instruction before beginning an assignment, or at any time for extra review.

Once the student officially starts the assignment, instruction will automatically be presented if needed. However, if a student gets stuck on a particular question and would like to review instructional content right then and there, they can click More Instruction.

Note: More Instruction does take the student away from the original question. If they click More Instruction many times instead of following Alta's recommendations, their mastery progress will stop increasing until they return to the recommended adaptive content that is on target.

If the student leaves and comes back to an assignment, they can review the instructional content previously presented to them in the Activity area by clicking View Activity Details on the assignment cover page. They can view this detail at any time.

The student can then click Instruction in the filters to just see instructional content.

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