If a student accidentally joined the wrong section or they're switching sections then follow the steps below:

Remove student from the wrong section:

  1. First the student needs to be removed from the wrong section. In the Knewton Alta instructor account, navigate to the course and click into the section where they should be removed.
  2. Before removing the student, click Export Section Data to save their grades.
  3. Click the Students tab, then click the student name below.
  4. At the top right, click Remove Student. Note this will delete any reporting data, progress, and learning activity for this student in this section.
  5. Here is more detail on how to remove a student.

Add student to the right section:

  1. If integrated with an LMS, add the student to the correct LMS course. The student should click any assignment link to get enrolled in the right section on the Knewton Alta side.
  2. If NOT integrated with an LMS, share the student invite link for your section. This can be found by clicking into your course, then the section in Knewton Alta. The Student Invite link will be under the Students tab.
  3. Here is more information on how students join a course.

Transfer purchase:

If students are switching sections in the same master course and they purchased before (by credit card or access code), then the purchase will automatically transfer to the new section.

However, if the section is another master course (e.g. another instructor's course) and they previously purchased, the student should contact the Knewton Support team via the chat icon on the bottom right to request they transfer the purchase access to the new section.

Previous student work:

Since you removed the student from the previous section, their progress, grades, and learning activity were deleted. However, you should have downloaded the CSV export of their previous grades prior to removal.

In the new section, you can transfer completion credit. Use our Mark as Done feature to mark an assignment as complete and grant 100% completion. This 100% score will send over to the LMS gradebook, as well as the Export Section Data in the new section. Note the previous learning activity will not transfer over, but it will show as completed for students. If there were any partial credit scores, then you may wish to manually add these grades to the LMS.

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