Disclaimer: Honorlock is a third-party proctoring solution that can be used in conjunction with Knewton Alta assessments (quizzes or tests). If you’re experiencing issues with Honorlock, you should contact their support team for assistance.

Go to https://honorlock.com/support/ to start a live chat with the Honorlock support team.

System Requirements

Honorlock is a Chrome extension, therefore, it only works with the Google Chrome browser. You cannot use any other browser.

On the Honorlock page, you’re able to see the minimum system requirements to take an Honorlock exam. Go to https://honorlock.com/support and scroll down to “Run a Systems Check”. Also there are some troubleshooting tips.

Honorlock’s accessibility statement maintains they are “fully accessible” and “compliant with Section 508” of the ADA. Read their accessibility statement here.

Using Honorlock with a Knewton Alta Assessment (Quiz/Test)

Thoroughly read the Honorlock Student Guide on how to access and complete a Honorlock exam. You may wish to print out the Honorlock Student Guide or open it in a new tab/window for reference. Then you can see our adjustments to steps 16 and 17 below and compare it to the Honorlock guide.

Adjustments to steps specific to Knewton Alta assessments:

  • Step 16: Depending on how your instructor has set up the assessment in Honorlock, you may have different ways to navigate to it. One way is that your instructor may have provided the link in the “Student Instructions” in Honorlock, where you can simply click it. Another is to copy and paste the assessment link in a new browser tab if it is provided as such in this screen from Honorlock:
  • Step 17 (Insert Password): Note the small Honorlock Proctoring window may be hidden underneath the browser window in which you have the LMS/exam open. You should pull it up on top and then click Insert Password and be able to start the exam.

General Tips and Notes

  • You will not enter a password directly into your test. Instead, you need to click “Insert Password” in the small Honorlock pop-up window and Honorlock will enter the password behind the scenes (see note and screenshot in step 17 above).
  • Make sure to click the Submit button at the bottom of the Knewton Alta assessment to officially submit it. After that, you will be able to exit Honorlock by clicking the Exit Honorlock button at the bottom of your screen.
  • You might encounter the following screen. This usually means the exam is not fully set up. Reach out to your instructor for clarification.
  • If a question doesn’t load once in a Honorlock-proctored exam, you should either refresh the question (if this option is available) or refresh the whole page. When refreshing the whole page, you’ll have to relaunch the exam in Honorlock (which should pick up from where you left off). If a reload doesn’t help, the problem may be with the internet connection, operating system or computer memory, where improving either/both is the solution:
  • You should confirm your setup (OS, internet connection) meets Honorlock’s requirements; loading issues tend to happen on poorer internet connection or older operating systems. See Honorlock’s system requirements here: https://honorlock.com/support/
  • If you have an older computer or not much memory, that may also prevent content from loading while Honorlock is running.
  • Because loading issues happen when there are multiple systems using up your computer’s resources, it can help to close all other apps. Similarly for the internet connection: if you can take the test when there is less traffic, that may help (e.g. ask your roommates not to use a streaming service while you’re taking a test).
  • If you have persistent loading issues that you cannot solve, reach out to your instructor for help.
  • If you do need to relaunch/refresh the page, then Honorlock will ask you to re-enter the password. Find the smaller pop-up window again (it may be hidden under other windows) and click Insert Password again.
  • Honorlock will close all other Chrome windows and tabs you have open when it launches - save your work/close windows before launching Honorlock.

If you need assistance with any Honorlock issues, please contact the Honorlock support team via live chat.

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