If you are a student looking for pricing information, check out this article!

If you are a student looking for information on how to access your course, check out this article. The following information is for Bookstores or Distributors only.

What about pricing and ordering is changing and why?

We are eliminating individual Coursepack ISBNs, and replacing these with ISBNs to represent each of our new pricing options.

Going forward, we will only have two ISBNs for order across our entire portfolio, with the exception of custom ISBNs. This means that students can use their Single-Term Access code for use in any course without having to worry about the coursepack title or version. AltaPass will give students access to any number of terms or courses within a single subject area (Chemistry or Economics or Math & Statistics). 

We are introducing a new price point of $35.95 for Single-Term Access for distributors via knewton.com/orders

We believe that $35.95 is the right price point for Single-Term Access. This price point also allows instructors in low/zero-cost initiative states to consider Alta for their students.
The ISBN for this Single-Term Access is 978-1-63545-244-0.

We are introducing a new price option -- AltaPass for $71.95 for distributors via knewton.com/orders -- for access across multiple terms and courses within a single domain in Alta (i.e. Math & Statistics or Economics or Chemistry), for a maximum period of 2 years.

We want to make it less expensive for students who are asked to purchase access to more than two Alta courses, or terms, within a single domain. Think of it like a 2-year subscription to as many terms and courses as a student would like to take within a single domain. This is a great option for courses with multiple parts, such as Calculus I, II and III.
The ISBN for altaPass is 978-1-63545-245-7.

When are these changes in effect?

Orders placed after July 15, 2019 are for our two new ISBNs and price options.
Orders for custom product may continue to be placed at any time.
As always, we will work with you on a case-by-case basis in the event that wrong ISBNs are order during our transition period.

With all these new options, how will we know the right mix of ISBNs to order?

You should order based on information that you have about closed adoptions, and their duration.

  • For Single-Term courses, our recommendation is that you order 90% Single-Term Access and 10% AltaPass access.
  • For courses that span 2 terms, our recommendation is that you order 90% Single-Term Access and 10% AltaPass.
  • For courses that span more than 2 terms, our recommendation is that you order 90% AltaPass, and 10% Single-Term Access.
  • If you know that more than two courses of Alta are being offered by the same department, our recommendation is that you order 50% Single-Term Access and 50% altaPass access.

Are there any changes to your Returns Policy?

Unpurchased codes may be returned as per our existing policy.

What should we do with old access codes?

Please return these to minimize confusion with the new ISBNs.

Will already-purchased access codes tied to old ISBNs still be valid for redemption
after July 15th, 2019?

If a student purchases a code tied to an old ISBN it will still work for a new fall 2019 course built with the same coursepack.

What if a student buys Single-Term Access and then decides to buy AltaPass upon learning they will be using Alta again?

The student will need to purchase AltaPass in addition to their original Single-Term access purchase.

What if a student requests a refund because they paid $5 more for Alta Single-Term access last semester?

Refunds will not be issued based on this request.

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