To integrate your alta section into your Sakai course, follow the steps below:

  1. From your alta account, choose Create Course and under the Learning Management System section, select Other.

2. Click Create to create your course and go to the Course Homepage.
3. To create an alta child section with your alta parent course, click Settings located on the top right of your course. 

4. From your Settings screen, scroll down to the LMS Configuration section and copy the Course LTI Link.

Next, log into your Sakai course and connect your Alta account to create your section.

5. From your Alta course click on Site Info

6. From your Site info page, click on External Tools.

7. Next select Install LTI 1.x Tool (located on the top right of your page)

8. Complete the External Tool form making sure to include these items:

-Name your Tool Title
-Choose a Custom Icon
-Button Text
-Paste the Launch URL (what you copied after creating your Alta Course)
-Enter in your Launch Key and Secret: these can be provided by your alta contact, and they are also found in the Institution area of your alta account (you must be an administrator to see this space).

-Check all of the Privacy Settings options
-Check all of the Services options (this turns on your grade sync)
-Check Allow the tool to be launched as a link
-Under Launch Popup, choose Never launch Popup
-Click Save

9. After adding your Launch Tool, you need to add it to your course. To do this click on Site Info and select Manage Tools. 

10. Scroll down to the External Tools area, Expand the dropdown and select your Added Tool (shown as your Tool Title). Click Continue

11. Click on the Tool button from your Left side navigation to launch alta. This will initialize your alta section from Sakai and automatically create the new linked Section in alta. 

12. After initializing your section you can start to create assignments in your alta course.

13. After you have created your assignments in Alta, you can do one of two things: 

-If you are looking for basic integration (without gradebook) you will just import your course as a common cartridge
-If you want gradebook sync you will need to add each assignment as it own external tool. This will require you to follow the steps 1-6 from your Pairing Section above. Grades will pass back to your Sakai Gradebook after students complete the assignment. You will also see a Grade Column created after your students have completed the assignment. 

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