As of July 15th, our newly reduced standard pricing for alta are in effect!

Campus stores are able to place orders for alta at the new price point via Knewton’s Order Portal. New pricing will be visible to students on on all courses using our standard pricing from July 15th.

Additionally, ordering alta is about to get so much easier for your campus store! No matter what the course, one ISBN is all they need. 

Here are the details:

Knewton’s alta new Single Term price

Ideal for accessing a single alta course that lasts a single academic term

  • Available via $39.95 
  • ISBN: 978-1-63545-244-0

Knewton alta's new altapass 

Ideal for multi-term courses, or if students are taking multiple courses in a single domain (i.e. Math&Stats, Econ or Chem) within 2-years.

Things to Note:

We are eliminating individual Coursepack ISBNs, and replacing these with ISBNs to represent each of our new pricing options.

Going forward, we will only have two ISBNs for order across our entire portfolio, with the exception of custom ISBNs. This means that students can use their Single-Term Access code for use in any course without having to worry about the coursepack title or version. altaPass will give students access to any number of terms or courses within a single subject area (Chemistry or Economics or Math & Stats). 

We are introducing a new price point of $39.95 for Single-Term Access.

We believe that $39.95 is the right price point for Single-Term Access. This price point also allows instructors in low/zero-cost initiative states to consider alta for their students.

We are introducing a new price option -- altaPass for $79.95 -- for access to an unlimited number of terms and courses within a single domain in alta (i.e. Math & Stats or Econ or Chemistry), for a maximum period of 2 years.

We want to make it less expensive for students who are asked to purchase access to more than two alta courses, or terms, within a single domain. Think of it like a 2-year subscription to as many terms and courses as a student would like to take within a single domain. This is a great option for courses with multiple parts, such as Calculus I, II and III.

For more information for distributors/ bookstores, check out
this article.

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