Instructors can make some edits to grades on assessments (quizzes and tests) that students have submitted. You can make two changes that will affect grades for the whole class:

  • Delete a question from an assessment (even after students have started)
  • Mark a question as correct on an assessment (even after students have started!)

In both cases, any affected grades are automatically updated for the whole class.

You can also mark an individual student's answer on an assessment correct or incorrect. This will automatically update the individual student’s grade.

To delete a question from an assessment for all the students in the class:

  1. Find and edit the assessment in your course outline. Go to the individual question you would like to remove from the assessment and click 'Remove.'
  • The question is removed from all student histories and any students starting a new attempt on the assessment will not see the question. Also grades will be updated to exclude this question from their score.
  • Note: this action is not reversible!

To mark a question as correct for all the students in the class:

  1. Find the assessment in your Course Outline and choose ‘Edit’ from the 3 dots dropdown
  2. Go to the individual question you would like to mark correct and click the three dots on the bottom right corner
  3. Click ‘Mark as correct’

After completing these steps:

  • You can still see the question in the instructor assessment setup, but it’s marked as correct.
  • Any assessment attempt will be regraded assuming this question was correct. 
  • The question still appears in student histories.
  • A student starting a new attempt on this assessment will still be served this question - but it will be marked correct when they’re done.

These changes can be made at the parent course level or the child section level depending on where the assessment was created. If it’s a course level assessment, the changes affect all sections. If it’s a section level assessment, the change will only affect the current section. Changes cannot be made to a parent level assessment from only one section.

To make a question as correct or incorrect for an individual student:

  1. Go to the ‘Students’ tab in the section
  2. Click on the individual student whose quiz or test grade you want to alter
  3. Go to their Quiz or Test attempt
  4. Go to the question you want to alter
  5. Mark as ‘Correct’ or ‘Incorrect

This option may be used to manually adjust students grades if you feel they deserved credit for an answer marked incorrect by Alta. You may also choose to mark all questions as incorrect in the case a student was cheating.

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