For users who use a keyboard as an alternative to a mouse, our product supports keyboard only usage to visit most links, buttons, and form controls in our product.

When using JAWS with Alta, you may find the following information helpful to navigate using the keyboard:

Description and Keystroke

General Navigation

Go Forward a Page  ALT + RIGHT ARROW  
Read Address Bar  INSERT + A
Next Link  TAB
Prior Link  SHIFT + TAB  
Open Link  ENTER  
Open JAWS math viewer  ENTER on Math Content  
Navigate through text  UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS  
Read individual letters  LEFT or RIGHT ARROW  

Extra Keystrokes

List Frames  INSERT + F9  
List Links  INSERT + F7  
List Headings  INSERT + F6  (Heading at Level 1 through 6)
Virtual HTML Features  INSERT + F3  
Find Next and Previous  F3 and SHIFT + 2  
ARIA Drag-and-Drop  WINDOWS Key + CTRL + EQUALS  
ARIA Live Region Text Filter  WINDOWS Key + CTRL+DASH  
Open Flexible Web Wizard  INSERT + SPACEBAR followed by X  
Temporarily Toggle Smart Navigation  INSERT + X  

Non JAWS + Alta navigation: General Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

Tabbed Browsing QuickOpen a New Tab  CTRL + T  
Open a New Tab from the Address Bar  ALT + ENTER (on address bar)  
Switch to the Next Tab  CTRL + TAB  
Switch to the Previous Tab  CTRL + SHIFT + TAB  (where n is a digit from 1 through 8)
Switch to Last Tab  CTRL + 9  
Close Current Tab  CTRL + W or CTRL + F4  
Close All Tabs  ALT + F4  
Close Other Tabs  CTRL + ALT + F4
Open Links in a New Tab in the Background  CTRL + ENTER  
Open Links in a New Tab in the Foreground  CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER  

Also note, the JAWS help system includes detailed information about using the Internet. In your browser, press and hold INSERT and press F1 twice quickly. Once JAWS help is open, press F6 to move to the help topic window.

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