If you are an administrator at an Institution and would like to request a copy of our Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) for our product, please email us at accessibility@knewton.com. We conduct audits twice annually and update our VPAT after each audit.

Users can request accessibility-related assistance, report accessibility problems or request product support documentation in an accessible alternative formats upon request (at no additional charge), via support@knewton.com. A description of the accessibility and compatibility features of our product is available upon request, at no additional charge, via support@knewton.com.

Making personalized learning accessible to all is an ambitious goal. Achieving it requires continued collaboration with Institutions. We welcome the opportunity to partner with Institutions’ accessibility departments to discuss our accessibility initiatives, hear your feedback from your own testing of our product, address questions or concerns, and give you assurance that Knewton can meet your accessibility needs. Please email us at accessibility@knewton.com.

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