Yes! Instructors can duplicate an assessment (quiz or test) within a section or course, or copy an assessment between accounts and users. This allows you to easily re-utilize an assessment in any course from the same ISBN. You cannot copy assessments between different Knewton course titles, for example, you would not be able to use a copied Chemistry assessment in an Algebra course. If your course has a custom ISBN, reach out to us for help!

To copy an assessment, navigate to the Settings of an existing assessment. Scroll to the bottom to Copy This Assessment and click Copy Token.

You can use this token in another course you have under the same ISBN or share it with another instructor who has a course with the same ISBN! To use a copied Assessment Token, begin creating a new assessment. In your course, click Manage to access your course outline, then Add. Select Assessment. On the next page, title your assessment. You’ll see a section below the title titled Import questions and settings from another assessment- check the box and paste your copied Assessment Token here! Click Next and your new assessment will now be populated with the copied assessment’s content.

To duplicate your own assessment in the same course or section, click Manage to access the outline, then the three dots next to the assessment you wish to duplicate. Select Duplicate Assessment. Make sure you edit your available and due dates to your liking, as well as any assessment settings you may want to change!

What else can I do with a copy of an assessment?

  • If you accidentally created an assessment at the section level, you can copy said assessment to the course level using your Assessment Token. This means you don’t have to worry about rebuilding an assessment mistakenly stored in a section.
  • You can duplicate your assessments within your course or section to use similar settings or create a cumulative assessment! Once your assessment is shared or duplicated, you can edit it to your liking with additional topics. 
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