Yes, you may use a traditional textbook with Alta. Note that Alta has enough content and coverage to replace a textbook, but use which ever best fits your course needs.

While Knewton’s Alta can be used as a textbook alternative and does not display like one in a traditional sense, there are ways in which you can read and review its content.

As an Instructor:

You have the ability to preview the material included in each learning objective when creating assignments by following these steps:

  1. Begin creating an assignment and choose which objectives you’d like your assignment to cover.

2. Next, simply click on the title of a learning objective whose content you’d like to review.

3. You’ll be brought to a page where you can easily filter between questions and instruction and scroll through the potential content your student could see. You will also see the answers to potential assessment questions as long as you're a verified instructor.

4. When you’re finished previewing, click Close Preview at the top right of your screen. You can click Cancel on the assignment builder screen to return to your course view.

If you’d ever like to view questions and instruction in an assignment you’ve already added, simply follow the steps above to Edit your assignment. Instead of making changes, simply click on the learning objective whose questions or instruction you’d like to review. Click Close Preview when you’re finished.

The following articles may be useful to show your students and teach them how to interact with instructional material in Alta:

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