For a general overview of partial credit and late completion grading policies, click here.

Instructors have the ability to penalize their students for submitting assignments or assessments (quizzes and tests) late through our Late Penalties feature. This feature was designed to encourage students to keep working without worrying about reducing their credit - students can’t lose credit they’ve already earned when working on a late assignment! You can enforce Late Penalties at the parent course level, which will apply to all sections. To begin, navigate to your Course Settings page.

Scroll down to the Grading section. Ensure that you toggle on Allow late completion for assignments or assessments. 

You now have the option to set your Final Deadline, which is the number of days after the due date you’ll allow students to submit their work. You can choose up to 30 days late or allow late completion up to the end of your section.

You can also Penalize Late Completion, which is where you can choose the percent deduction from your student’s completed score. This can be a one-time penalty, or a penalty for each day or week late. You should choose the percentage deduction you feel is best for your students.

Click Save Changes to finish.

Here are a few things to note:

  1. Students cannot lose credit they have already earned before the due date.
  2.  As long as you’ve chosen to award partial credit, your students’ grades will be recorded:
  • When the due dates passes
  • When an applied extension date passes
  • When the student completes an assignment (as long as it’s on time or late within the accepted time)

3. If you do award credit for partial completion and you allow late completion, students’ mastery percentage will record at the due date and time. For assignments, after the due date and time, the student must complete the assignment (achieve 100%) by the final deadline in order to get additional credit. Any late penalties will then be deducted from the 100% total score. For assessments, they can complete them after the due date (up till the final deadline) and late deductions will be deducted from their total score.

4. Updated grades are available in your Learning Management System gradebook, if you use one, and in your CSV export.

5. You can still give students extensions with late penalties! If you give a student an extension of two days, they will have until two days after end of your allowed completion date.

6. If you change your Late Penalty policy after student grades have already been recorded, any grade changes will be applied retroactively. For example, if you decide to remove a late penalty, students with grades that were previously penalized due to lateness will be updated to a potentially higher grade. These updated grades will be reflected in the Export Section Data report. Also, if using a LMS, the change will trigger a new gradebook passback and previous scores will be overwritten. 

Read below to learn more about a few policies you can use in your course.

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