When you first import your alta Common Cartridge into Blackboard:

  • If you want to enable gradebook integration, you must complete this step before your students begin working. Please do the following for each of the newly created links:
  • Set Enable Evaluation to YES, then
  • Enter the Points Possible (e.g. 100)
  • If you have no partial credit, for adaptive assignments, this will be a completion grade. A score will either be 0 or the maximum number of points set. For quizzes, this will be a regular percentage grade. 
  • If you’ve turned on partial credit, your students’ grades will flow to Blackboard as well. For example, if a student has 75% mastery at the due date a score of 75 points will be sent to the LMS. 
  • You may also choose to set the due date and time in this screen, though it is not necessary. Students will see the due date and time in alta when they open the alta item, so duplicating the due dates/times in Blackboard is not required.

You can change dates and times at the alta parent course outline level to trigger date/time changes to all alta child sections but note that each section instructor will then have to manually alter the dates/times in Blackboard (if they have previously been set). If they have previously been altered at the section level, date and time changes at the parent course level will not be overridden.

If you need to change start or end dates/times after the course starts, you can change them in alta (and manually also change them in Blackboard if you previously entered them).

Question: Will due dates and times update automatically in Blackboard if you change them in alta?
Answer: they will not

Question: Will due dates and times update automatically in alta if you change them in Blackboard?
Answer: they will not

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