In certain assignments, you may need to enter your answers on a graph. Below are instructions for how to use our graphing function.

To plot single points, simply click where you’d like your point to be. Click Move to only move points and not plot them. You will still be able to move points by clicking and dragging them in Point mode. Note you can also click the Undo, Redo, and Reset buttons on your graph to edit your answer. 

To plot a line you will need two points. To create a line, plot your first point and then your second point. The two points will automatically connect and form your line. After plotting your line, you can click and drag each point to wherever you’d like. Clicking Move will allow you to move your entire line. Note you can also click the Undo, Redo, and Reset buttons on your graph to edit your answer. 

In other assignments, you may need to shade a graph. In situations like these, you’ll see one of the following columns made of boxes in the corner of the graph in your question.

One blue column means you have one inequality to graph, and two columns, one red and one blue, means you will be graphing two inequalities. Each colored box is split into five smaller boxes, each dictating a different shading style. Dragging and dropping the dot with a grey halo around it will dictate the shading style on your graph. These shading styles change as you graph points and drag lines on the graph! They mimic directly what is on the graph, as well. The middle box will always reflect a solid line with no shading, though.

To graph, drag your points to where you see fit - simply click on one of the points and drag it to the correct position. Finally, drag the dot with a halo around it to the correct box in the shading column.

Here is an example of a completed and shaded graph. Note the positioning of the dot in the shading column:

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