The cost of alta is an accessible $9.95 + tax per course per month,  $39.95 + tax for access to your single term course, or $79.95 for 2 years of access to as many terms and course in a particular domain (i.e. Math & Statistics, Economics or Chemistry) as you need. We accept all major credit cards. 

Students can purchase access to alta either through their bookstore in the form of an access code, or through our website. Once an instructor invites a student to a course by way of their knerd link or through an LMS, students have the option of purchasing alta access through our site or by entering their purchased access code.

Students waiting on financial aid may use our 14-day courtesy access option through our site. At the end of 14 days, students must purchase access or they will not be able to continue working. Please note that Courtesy Access is not available with our $9.95 per month plan. 

For more details on the pricing plans, check out this article!

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