Yes! Instructors have the option of turning their online assessments (quizzes or tests) into Offline Assessments. These offline assessments can be printed and distributed to your students to take. In addition, your Review Center will still work as usual even if your assessment is in Offline mode. To access Offline Assessments, create your assessment as normal or begin to edit an existing assessment. Navigate to the Settings on the top right and check the box to the right of Convert to offline assessment.

You will be able to print up to 5 assessment versions by clicking the arrow in the box under Convert to offline assessment. If you want to shuffle the order of the questions in the different versions, enable Shuffle question order from the assessment settings. If you enabled Pool Questions, it will generate different versions of the assessment. Once you’re happy with your offline assessment settings, click Save at the bottom of the page. 

In your Course Outline, you’ll see that Offline Assessments are clearly specified with a label (Offline Quiz or Test) to the left of the assessment title.

To print the assessment from your course outline, click on the three dots to the right of your offline assessment. Click View and Print.

On the next page, select which version of the assessment you’d like to print. If you chose to have one version of the assessment, you will only see one assessment version. 

Note: you will not be able to access the same versions of these assessments again after closing this print window. We recommend downloading and saving a version when you first access it.

On the next page, wait for the Print Test and Answer Key button to turn from grey to teal - teal means it’s ready! Click the button to print. As mentioned, there will be an answer key included. 

Note: Offline assessments do not import from alta in your common cartridge upload with a Learning Management System (LMS) integration. If you'd like to post grades for your offline assessment in your LMS gradebook, you must create a new, separate grade item/ grade column in your gradebook and manually add the offline assessment grades.

Also, once students begin an online test, it can no longer be converted to offline.

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