Instructors have the ability to reset their students’ assessments (tests and quizzes), but not assignments. This means that the students’ work on that assessment will be erased, including their grade and history. This irreversible step applies to assessments with multiple attempts, as well.

When would you want to reset a student’s assessment? 

This action is useful to revert a student’s assessment attempt if something prevented them from doing their best. Perhaps the student experienced some technical difficulties or was late or sick, and you wish to give them another chance to give their best effort. Resetting may be a good idea if a student needs an extension past a strict due date, but has used all of their attempts (If you allow multiple attempts).

How do I reset the assessment?

To reset an assessment, go to your course’s child section in which the appropriate student is enrolled. Navigate to the assessment (quiz or test), and click on the student in question. On this student’s assessment page, click Options in the top right-hand corner. Click Reset Assessment. 

If this is an assessment containing only one attempt, the history and grade will be deleted. The student’s assessment status will revert to “Not Started,” the grade in alta will revert to “--” and they will be free to start again! If you use a Learning Management System, the grade in your gradebook will revert to "0" (it will not be deleted altogether).

If this is an assessment with multiple attempts, only the last attempt taken will be reset. If you’d like to reset more than one or all of your student’s attempts, you can repeat this reset action until satisfied. Please note that the student’s assessment status will still read “Complete” if there is at least one attempt completed. Once you’ve reset an attempt, the grade of the assessment will be updated to reflect the best score out of the remaining attempts present. This will also be in your CSV export and Learning Management System, if you use one!

Again, please note that this action is permanent and cannot be undone! To find out more about overriding students’ assessment grades, check out this article.

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