Pool questions are a feature in tests that give you the option of providing different questions to different students. These are different to Static questions which display the exact same question to all students with no variations.

There are two kinds of pool questions: Quantitative and Qualitative. Quantitative questions have variants where the numbers change whereas qualitative questions have similar questions, of similar difficulty level. If you enable Pool questions, there will be a mixture of these two types of questions included in the test.

When a student takes a test that includes a pool question, they will be randomly assigned one of the questions’ variants, so students will all see different versions of the test. Questions within each pool are extremely similar in difficulty and learning outcomes. For example, you may see:

  1. Calculate the square root of 4.
  2. Calculate the square root of 1369.

To find and use pool questions:

  1. Click on the Questions tab after choosing topics or learning objectives when you’re creating a test. 

2. If a topic on your test has pool questions available, you will see “Pool Question” with a drop down arrow in the top left of the question box. 

3. You will now have two options: Pool Question or Static Question. To make your selection, click the down arrow and click your desired option.

4. If you choose Static Question, you can click the arrows on either side of the question box to make your selection for which question you’d like students to see on the test.

5. If you choose Pool Question, click the refresh arrow icon in the question box to see the potential variations students would see on their test.

6.  Once you’re satisfied with your questions and have customized your test settings to your liking, click Done to finish your test creation.

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