Pool questions are a feature in assessments (quizzes and tests) that give you the option of providing different questions to different students. These are different to Static questions which display the exact same question to all students with no variations.

There are two kinds of pool questions: Quantitative and Qualitative. Quantitative questions have variants where the numbers change whereas qualitative questions have similar questions of similar difficulty level. If you enable Pool questions, there will be a mixture of these two types of questions included in the assessment.

When a student takes an assessment that includes a pool question, they will be randomly assigned one of the question's variants, so students will all see different versions of the assessment. Questions within each pool are extremely similar in difficulty and learning outcomes. For example, you may see:

  1. Calculate the square root of 4.
  2. Calculate the square root of 1369.

To find and use pool questions:

If creating an assessment for the first time, refer to this guide and video. Step 8 shows how to enable Pool questions. Prior to selecting objectives to include an assessment, under Preferences, select Pool questions by default, then click Apply.

If editing an existing assessment, follow the steps below:

  1. Find and Edit your assessment in the course outline.

2. If you have already selected your objectives and questions then you will see a label on the top right of the question that says either Static or Pool. If you wish to switch from a Static to a Pool question, click Change Question.

3. On the next screen, search the available questions for the objective to see if there are any Pool questions (it will have the Pool label). Click Add next to any Pool questions, then you can click Remove to delete any Static questions from this objective. Choose Done when you’re happy with the included questions.

4. If you wish to customize your assessment questions even further, such as adding   more questions per objective or changing the settings, refer to this video and guide for instructions. 

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