If you've reached this page through your Learning Management System, then your Review Center is working as intended!

The Review Center allows students to prepare better for an upcoming Assessment (a quiz or test). For each assessment that contains an enabled Review Center, students will see a list of adaptive review assignments corresponding to the topics and learning objectives covered in that assessment. Students will be able to use these review assignments to prepare for the assessment in a targeted and streamlined fashion - these assignments will be personalized to the student’s learning history, and students will be able to filter and sort them based on parameters such as “past mastery on assignments”. 

Students can also always access the Review Centers from past Assessments throughout the course so they can continue to use it for preparation or practice:

To enable the Review Center, go to Settings while you are creating a new Assessment. Under the Features section,  simply check the box next to  Enable Review Center and review assignments will be automatically created (and updated!) based on the objectives in an Assessment, and become available 14 days before the Assessment Start Date. Note: if you're a section level instructor and the Assessment was created at the course outline level, reach out to the course owner to enable this feature.


If you are integrating with a Learning Management System (like Blackboard or Canvas) a link to the Review Center will show in your LMS after your initial integration. It's the same LTI link that shows up in your assessment settings and will not change between assessments so you will not need to reimport it. If there is more than one Review Center available within the same two week period, students will be able to access both from the same link, as seen below.

You may want to 'Hide' or 'Unpublish' the Review Center link that will automatically populate in your LMS with your Common Cartridge import until you need students to use it. If you don't plan to use Assessments in alta at all, you may choose to delete the Review Center link. For more information on how to hide or unpublish links in your LMS, check out this article.

Want to explain the Review Center to your students? Here's a helpful video you can use!

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