You can invite others to be co-instructors in your parent course or only in a child section of your course. Section collaborators will be able to view and edit portions of your course. This person will also have access to student data. While they may add items to their assigned section, they may not delete items.

To invite an instructor to collaborate on your parent course and have the same course permissions as you, click on the Add Instructors button:

Then click Copy Link next to the link and send this to your desired course collaborator. Once they click on the link, you will then go back to this back and click Accept to officially bring them into the course.

To invite someone to be a co-instructor only at the child section level, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your course and select the correct section from the list.  

2. Select the Add Instructors button on the top right corner.

3. Click Copy Link and share with anyone you would like have the ability to view and make changes to your course or sections. They will be directed to register with alta after clicking the link.

4. Once they click this link, you must then click Accept on this same page.

5. After you accept this person into your section, you will be all set!

Note: this process works exactly the same way when adding a co-instructor to the parent course. Begin by going into the course and clicking Add Instructors.

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