Click on the Course you wish to view progress for.

Once in your course, you will see all your sections at the bottom. Under each Section card, you will see a series of boxes that indicate how many students are registered, as well as their averages on each coursework item type. Click into the Section to view more detailed student performance analytics. The Coursework tab shows data per Assignment, Quiz, or Test. The Students tab allows you to drill down into individual student performance.

For Assignments
From the Coursework tab, click into an Assignment for more detail on student performance. On this page, you can see the average mastery, average number of questions, and average work time. You can also see the status for each student. Click the status to filter the students. If you click Individual Learning Objective Status, you can see student progress for each Learning Objective and quickly identify where students may need additional assistance.

If you click on a student’s name, you can view a detailed breakdown of their performance. Under Activity, you can see when the student was on target, when they worked on prerequisite material, and when they practiced after assignment completion. You can click View Activity Details to see which questions and instruction the student received, as well as which questions they got correct or incorrect. Or you could click the Objective below to view activity for that particular objective.

The Activity Details shows this student's activity for this particular Assignment. You can see a timestamp on the right of the activity item to show the exact time the student completed that item. This information shows in assignments, as well as tests and quizzes.

You can filter by Instruction, Correct Questions, or Incorrect Questions. In addition, you can click Filter to view questions that were On Target, Prerequisite or Practice. Click on any question to view the student’s answer, as well as the correct answer and answer explanation.

To view course progress by student, use your Students dashboard. You can read more about the Student dashboard here

Here is a quick video overview:

At any time, to navigate back to your list of students, click the back button next to your section name or section, then the Students tab at the top of the page.

For Quizzes and Tests

You can see how students have fared (number of correct and incorrect responses) and easily compare that to the class average. You can also view detailed performance reports for students by clicking on their name.

Go here to view a guide and video on reviewing student performance results in Knewton Alta quizzes and tests.

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