If you have integrated alta with your LMS:
You will not need to invite students to your course; they will be registered automatically after they open the first alta assignment link in the LMS. 

If you are using alta without LMS integration:

  1. Open your course. If you have sections for this course, navigate to the correct one.

2. Select the Students tab.

3. Click on Copy Link to copy your unique student invite link and share with students via email or in your syllabus.

Note: If students go to Knewton.com and sign up, they will see an option to Join Course.  They can also click this button and enter the individual student join link to join your course.

Top Tip: if a student drops your class to enroll in another section of the course, you must unenroll them from your section or they will not be able to join another section.

To remove a student from a section

Click on a student's name from your Students list in a section and click 'Remove Student' in the top right corner.

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