View the following videos on how to create your course, and read below for more step-by-step instructions.

If you are going to be integrating your Alta course with a Learning Management System, please go to this article instead. 

Your Course is a master version of your Sections and contains all information that passes down to them. Your Sections are copies of the same master course. For example:  CHEM-100-01 and CHEM-100-02. Each Section has the same course outline as other Sections under the same Course.

To build your course:

1. Sign into and navigate to your My Courses page. Click Create Course

2. On the next page, fill in your Course’s name, but refrain from using a section indicator such as 01, 02 etc. We’ll get there later! Fill in your institution, type the name of your ISBN or the number, and enter your Course’s start and end date. 

3. Finally, select “None” next to “Learning management system.” Click Create.

4. The next step is to build your course outline. Click Add Coursework.

5. Next, select whether you’d like to add an Adaptive Assignment or Assessment to your Course Outline.

6. Follow our guides for instructions on how to create these.

7. Click the Settings button to add details to your course such as a Course description and enabling partial credit and late completion policies.

8. Finally, if you’d like, you can add course collaborators. These people can serve as a co-instructor and will have the same course permissions as you. To do this, click on the Add Instructors button:

9. Click Copy Link next to the link and send this to your desired course collaborator. Once they click on the link, you will then go back to this back and click Accept to officially bring them into the course.

Note: to invite an instructor to your child Section rather than your parent Course, see this article.

For tips on how to modify a course outline, watch this video.

Once you have built your course outline, it’s time to add your Section(s)!

  1. Navigate to the Sections area and click Add Section. You will do this for each section you plan on teaching.

2. Name your section, edit your start and end dates, and click Create to finish.

3. If you’d like to add any assignments or assessments to one section but no other sections, select Manage when you’re in a section.

4. To invite Section Collaborators to your section, such as a Teacher’s Assistant, click Add Instructors, copy the link, and send to your desired Section Collaborator. Once they click this link, you will return to this page and click Accept next to their name.

5. To invite students to your Course Section, click the Students tab from inside the correct section.

6. Click Copy Link next to the link and send this to your students joining your Course Section.

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