Where does Knewton get the content for its alta courses?

How long are assignments?

Can I rearrange my coursework?

Can I use alta to grade students?

How can I delete my account?

How do I reset my password?

How do I report feedback or issues?

Which web browser is best to access alta?

How can I contact Knewton?

How is alta different from non-adaptive learning products and other digital learning tools?

What is the review center?

How do I change due dates?

Where can I view a list of all the topics available for my course?

How can I monitor student progress?

How do I copy my course?

How do I use the Students tab in my alta course?

What does it mean if one of my students is "struggling"?

Can I email students from inside alta?

How can I invite another instructor to view or edit my Course?

How can an instructor or student view instructional or assessment content associated with a topic outside of an Assignment?

Can I use a traditional textbook with alta?

Why am I receiving notifications?

Can I edit student grades in tests?

Can I post an announcement or links in alta?

How do I create an extension?

How do I mark a student as "done?"

Can I print out tests?

Can I remove the timer on a timed test for an individual student? How?

If there are students with extensions after a due date, will the quiz and test answers be released?

Can I set an extension after the assignment due date has already passed?

If a due date is extended, can students revise a test or quiz to improve scores?

Thinking of using Knewton in your traditional classroom?

Thinking of using Knewton in your ‘flipped’ classroom?

Thinking of using Knewton in your ‘tipped’ classroom?

What are pool questions? How do I use them?

How do I enable multiple attempts for my tests? How do these work?

Can I reset a quiz so my students can try again?

How do I delete students from my section?

How do I copy a test?

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