To open the keyboard when answering a free response question, click on the text box. On the alta keyboard, numbers are located on the left, functions are in the middle, and other symbols are located on the right.

You can enter your answer by using the keys provided or your own keyboard. Our keyboard contains keys that will help you insert fractions, subscripts, radicals, and other more complex answers. For example, the following key will help you insert a fraction. Simply type the value you need on the top and bottom in the answer box.

An example of how our keyboard will help you with subscripts is when answering log questions. Log questions should require you to answer with the numerical portion of "log__" in a subscript, like this:

To enter this into your answer box, type "log" and hit the following key, after which you can enter the numerical portion:

An answer that is improperly formatted may be marked as incorrect, so double-check your work as well as the format that the question asks for. Even though you can use the keyboard on your computer to input your answer, we recommend using the alta keyboard because it provides you with the correct symbols to properly format your answers. Pay close attention to which notation your question asks for! 

There is more than one keyboard available in alta. To toggle between the different options, click on the down arrow on the top left corner.

If the question you’re working on doesn’t require a certain symbol, it may not be available through our keyboards. You may need to toggle between more than one keyboard to find all of the required symbols for a single question in alta.

Note the information icon in the top right corner! Clicking this will provide keyboard shortcuts that allow you to input any visible symbols on the alta keyboard through your computer keyboard. You will only see shortcuts for the symbols currently in view on the alta keyboard. You can also find these shortcuts by hovering over a symbol on alta’s keyboard.

Also, view this short video to learn about Knewton alta's keyboards.

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