To look at your mastery progress while working in an adaptive assignment, you can keep an eye on the mastery bar at the top right of your screen.

Click here to learn more about how to view your assignment mastery and how the mastery bar works!

To look at how you’re doing in your course overall, look at your schedule. The circles to the right of your assignment names will show you the status of your work - if you’ve completed the assignment, the circle will be green! 

Click on your assignment to view your mastery percentage for that topic.

On the assignment cover page, you’ll see your mastery percentage under your assignment’s status:

At the bottom, under Objectives, you can see your learning objective mastery status at a glance. 

Under the Activity area, you can always see any of your previous learning activity in your assignment. The activity shows whether you were on target, working in prerequisite material, or practicing after assignment completion.

If you click View Activity Details you can see which questions you answered correctly and incorrectly.

On the Activity Details page, you can filter to view Instruction, Correct Questions or Incorrect Questions. If you click the question, you can see your answer as well as the correct answer and answer explanation.

On this same page, you can click Filter to view which questions were On Target, Prerequisite, or Practice. Click Apply to save this filter.

To get back to the assignment cover page, simply click the arrow next to Activity Details on the top.

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