The following information is for Bookstores or Distributors only. If you are a student looking for pricing information, check out this article. If you are a student looking for information on how to access your course, check out this article.

We have two universal ISBNs: 

Knewton’s alta new Single Term price

Ideal for accessing a single alta course that lasts a single academic term

Knewton alta's new altapass 

Ideal for multi-term courses, or if students are taking multiple courses in a single Alta domain (Math&Statistics, Economics or Chemistry) within 2-years. Note: students cannot use the pass for different subject areas, eg. Math and Chemistry.

Instructors can also see which ISBNs should be submitted to bookstores to order for their courses in their course 'Settings':

Custom Courses have unique individual ISBNs. If you have courses using a custom ISBN but do not know the details, please get in touch with the course’s instructor or your Knewton representative.

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