Enabling evaluations ensures that your students receive points for completing their Knewton assignments/quizzes/tests.

  1. Select an assignment from your course and click the drop-down arrow to Edit. 

2. Click the bubble for Yes next to Enable Evaluation. Then enter in the desired points available and make it visible to students. You can also create a due date to match the due date selected in Knewton.

  • If you do not have partial credit enabled, for adaptive assignments, this will be a completion grade. A score will either be 0 or the maximum number of points set. For quizzes, this will be a regular percentage grade. 
  • If you’ve turned on partial credit, your students’ grades will flow to Blackboard as well. For example, if a student has 75% mastery at the due date a score of 75 points will be sent to the LMS. 

3. Click Submit when you are finished to save the evaluation settings. 

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