Step 1. Log into your Knewton alta account and navigate to your Course. Go to Settings. 

Step 2. Download your common cartridge.

Step 3. In Canvas, go to Settings > Import Course Content to import the Knewton cartridge.

Step 4. Select Common Cartridge 1.x Package in the Content Type drop-down

Step 5. Select the file from your Downloads, and under Content, select Specific Content. Click Import.

On the “Current Jobs” screen, click Select Content.

Then, select your assignments and the corresponding LTI links.

To apply grades and edit due dates:

Edit each assignment and select the points and due date.


  • Points default to 100
  • Altering due dates in Canvas will not alter corresponding due dates in Knewton alta

Congratulations! You’ve successfully linked your Knewton alta assignment to your Canvas course.

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