We want you to focus on learning rather than getting through an assignment. The progress bar moves according to how you are advancing towards mastery of the different learning objectives included in an assignment.

Progress can go up AND down. As you answer questions correctly, your progress goes up. If you struggle and answer a number of questions incorrectly, however, the progress bar will likely go down. We want to be honest with our learners about exactly how far they are from completing their assignment at all times. 

Alta provides just-in-time remediation when a student demonstrates a knowledge gap by presenting the learner with instructional review on the missing building blocks to help him/her move forward. Since the progress bar shows progress towards the learning objectives for the specific assignment, sometimes it doesn’t move when you’re working on prerequisite material. Don’t worry - this is a normal representation of your performance. Once you demonstrate mastery on the prerequisite material, you can move to the target learning objectives again and see your progress advance.

Progress always shows you your current state. If you struggle after you’ve achieved some partial credit, your progress bar will always update to give you the most up-to-date view on your current mastery. However, rest assured that the grade that was passed back to your instructor on the due date will remain at the originally indicated mark (unless the instructor allows late completion and you complete the assignment). Your current mastery and grade will always be visible to you on the assignment cover page. You can also see your current mastery within the “Info” modal next to the progress bar.


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