Step-by-Step Instruction:

Formulas can be copied into multiple cells at a time by using the autofill feature. Consider the spreadsheet below. Column B can be filled with formulas to perform the same calculation on each cell in column A using a fill down operation.

For example, to make each cell in column B equal twice the corresponding cell in column A, perform the following steps.

  1. Enter the formula “=2*A1” into cell B1.
  2. Select cell B1.
  3. Use the fill down operation.

This can be done more than one way:

Using the mouse

  1. Click and hold on the small box at the bottom right corner of the border on B1.
  2. Drag down until the dashed box contains cells B1:B4.
  3. Release the mouse button.

Using the keyboard, if accessibility is enabled

  1. Press and hold the shift key and use the down arrow to highlight cells B1:B4.
  2. Release the shift key and press control D.

The result of this operation will be a spreadsheet with similar formulas in cells B1:B4, as shown below.

A similar process can be used to fill to the right. The keyboard shortcut is control R.

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